Afghanistan’s New Menace & It Comes from Inside

October 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

This will be a short rant.  I will let the article that is the cause speak for itself.

I read it today on The Daily Beast.  The article, titled “Thugs Plague Women Entrepreneurs” was written by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, a journalist and researcher who has been reporting on the social and economic impact of women entrepreneurs starting businesses in post-conflict countries like Afghanistan.

It seems that Afghan women, after surviving the war and often the loss of their spouse and other male family members, in trying to provide for their families by starting small businesses, and becoming successful doing so, have subsequently become targets for kidnapping and extortion:

“Targeted by criminal gangs seeking to profit from their success—sometimes with the help of jealous neighbors—these entrepreneurs now find their safety at increasing risk in a poor and battered country. Afghanistan’s growth depends on the economic contributions of business owners like themselves.”

Disbelief, anger, and sadness.   These are the words I came up with.

Then the question, how on earth do you go about changing it?

End of rant.


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