Where is the Respect?

October 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

I was giving in to one of my guilty pleasures: reading the headlines and my horoscope, and then checking out the celebrity photos on the New York Post. I do it almost daily.  Intellectual stimulation?  No.  But loads of fun…

Until today.  Which is why this is a “Rant” and not a “Guilty Pleasure.”  I write this rant with mixed emotions.  Part of me wants to call out the New York Post for publishing a reprehensible photo spread  and part of me is loathe to draw attention to it.  The former has won out.

I came across the group of Featured Photos titled,  “Ladies who don’t measure up to their leading men.”  The caption read: “We have to hand it to these sizzling silver-screen studs. A minority in Hollywood, these leading men opted for inner-beauty when choosing their life partners.”   Nine actors are pictured with their wives/partners.  (I’ve not linked to it here.)

Wow … my initial reaction was where is the spread, “Men who don’t measure up to their leading women?”  Then, common sense got the better of me.  Have we not moved beyond this conversation?  And who do the editors at the Post think they are to say who’s beautiful and who’s not?  Really.  Do these women, and their partners, not deserve more respect?  I think so.

Pull it.

End of rant.


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