Dos Toros Taqueria – A little City by the Bay in the Big Apple

November 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

For every New Yorker who has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and longs for an authentic, inexpensive burrito or taco from your local taqueria, your prayer has just been answered.  Dos Toros Taqueria has arrived.

Two Berkeley, California brothers, Leo and Oliver Kremer, came east and were shocked to find that their daily sustenance was no where to be found.  They decided to remedy the situation.  Dos Toros (“Two Bulls” in English) Taqueria, located on Fourth Avenue between 13th and 14th streets near Union Square, is now open for business.

Chicken, steak, and pork are your choices: burritos run a reasonable $7.35 ($0.92 for guacamole); soft or hard tacos (there’s a choice!) will set you back only $3.67 ($0.49); and quesadillas can be had for $5.97 ($0.92).  All of the above can be ordered without meat (Basic).  If you want to skip the tortilla, order the Plato (otherwise the same as the burrito).  And yes, what would a good taqueria be with out chips and salsa, and chips and guac, and a Tecate, Corona, or Pacifica to wash everything down?  It’s all there.

According to their web site, what you’ll find is a meticulous attention to detail: the ingredients, the recipes, the plates, the decor.  The brothers are firm believers in sustainable business practices, using locally raised, vegetarian-fed chicken, locally grown pinto and black beans, and biodegradable utensils, plates, napkins and bags.  All kitchen food waste is composted, and bottles and cans recycled.  Even the wood and tin used in the interior were reclaimed.

Not only can you enjoy authentically-prepared, delicious Mexican food, but you can feel good about it too.  And you didn’t need to fly across the country to get your fix.


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