Surprisingly Easy Ways to Get Happy

January 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s January.  Depending on where you live, it’s cold out (actually, there aren’t many places that it’s not cold out).  And unless you’ve got a warm-weather winter getaway planned, you have at least three months before you can store the winter coat, eat outside, and dip your toe in water that’s not in a bathtub.  This might leave you wondering, just what is there to be happy about?

New York Magazine has the answer, 50 of them to be exact, in their current piece “50 Steps to Simple Happiness.”  The list was created with New Yorkers in mind but, in large part, is just as applicable to denizens of Chicago and Topeka and London and Toronto.

For example, no matter where you live you can buy dark chocolate and eat one ounce per day (#16), have more sex (#13), get up and move around every 30 minutes (#44), improve your posture (#32), and make your bed in the morning (#2).

Other suggestions can easily be adapted to your current locale: (#41) “Never clean your plate at a restaurant” is critical in the Big Apple, given the frequency with which New Yorker’s dine out, but is great advice no matter where you live;  (#39) “Spend time with animals” by volunteering at a shelter; or (#14) “Disappear into a fluffy road and comfy slippers” for a relaxing spa day.

I would add a few of my own: smile more, listen to more music more which may cause you to dance more (never a bad thing), spend more time with giggling children.

Read it and be happy!


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