“Crazy Heart” – This Year’s “Wrestler” with a Happier Ending

January 31, 2010 § 1 Comment

If you’ve not yet seen the movie Crazy Heart, get it on your list.

There are several reasons I say this.  First, there are no great movies released in the dead-zone of winter, although I’ll likely queue up with the rest of America to see Valentine’s Day (half of Hollywood’s in it).  Second, and more importantly, Jeff Bridges has won all of the best actor awards not scooped up by George Clooney (for Up in the Air – another movie I’d highly recommend), and he’ll surely be an odds-on favorite to be nominated for, and quite possibly win, the Oscar.  The accolades are not undue.  Third, and for me shocking as I’ve never considered myself to be a country music fan, the music is fantastic, deep, soulful, and performed by the main man himself.  The songs are original and written specifically for the movie, no more than that, written specifically by T Bone Burnett for Jeff Bridges to play the lead and sing the songs in the movie.  Actually, Jeff Bridges and also Colin Farrell (I know, I know, but trust me, it works).

A brief synopsis without giving anything away: Jeff Bridges is Bad Blake, a washed-up country legend on the far side of middle-age who’s drinking his way through backwater gigs in the Southwest trying to get is career back on track.  While on the road, Bad meets Jean (Maggie  Gyllenhaal), a young single mother who interviews him for a local paper.  The movie unfolds at a leisurely pace, with low-key performances by the leads and songs that add richness to the story.

In his directorial debut, Scott Cooper has adapted Thomas Cobb’s novel into a film that will draw you in and move your crazy heart.

Do your heart a favor.  See it.


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§ One Response to “Crazy Heart” – This Year’s “Wrestler” with a Happier Ending

  • Sarah says:

    Yee-haw! I think I’m going to wrestle up a group and go see it. Sounds like its sure to be a favorite for country girls at heart 😉

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