Animoto – Seriously Simple Videos

May 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

I think I have just become a raving fan of a fantastic online tool … Animoto.  Many of you may already be aware of it.  As is the case with far too many technology-related products and services, I am not an early adopter.  When I do finally get on to something I think is terrific, my friends generally smile somewhat kindly, then roll their eyes.  But I may not be too terribly late to this one.  Yes, it  has been written about in just about every major publication in America (which I learned when I checked out their press coverage in “the buzz”).  But still, I thought a few of you might be like me.  So …

What is Animoto?  In their own words, they help you to:

Photo: Animoto Imagery

Turn your photos and videos into pure amazing.

Animoto automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips and music. Fast, free and shockingly easy.

And, yes, their basic service really is free.  You can upload your own photos, video, and music, or use their stock collections, and add text, to produce a 30-second video clip.  If you don’t like the end result, you can easily edit your selections, and Animoto will create a new video.  You can email the video, post it to your blog or Facebook page, and send it out via Twitter.

To show you just how easy it is, here’s a link to a video clip titled Travel I that I created in only a few minutes using their stock Travel photographs and a lovely song from their Music Lounge, “To Show You My Love” by Mike Schmid.

As with Skype, you can pay a subscription fee to upgrade your account, allowing you to create longer videos or to access their professional package (if you’re a real estate broker or photographer, for example).  They also offer a free pro package for not-for-profits and a program for education.

Sign-up is a breeze.  And they send you an email as soon as your video is ready to be viewed, generally less than 5 minutes after you’ve completed the creation process.

Now, really.  Seriously … simple.


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