“1000 Awesome Things” … Well, It’s Simply Awesome

June 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Snow days.   Dancing when you’re home alone.  Finding money in your pocket.  Long comfortable silences between really close friends.  The moment on vacation when you forget what day it is.  When you should have got a parking ticket, but didn’t.  Picking the fastest moving line at the grocery store check out.  Dropping your cell phone on the sidewalk and then realizing it’s totally fine.  These are just some of the 1000 Awesome Things on Neil Pasricha’s fabulous blog and, now, in his new book.

Who is Neil Pasricha and why did he decide to look for and chronicle 1,000 awesome things?  In his own words:

I’m a no-name 30-year-old guy who started 1000 Awesome Things back in June, 2008 with the goal of writing about one awesome thing every weekday.

I did this as my life was falling apart. My best friend took his own life and my wife and I went different ways. We sold our house, I moved to a tiny apartment, and I tried to get things back on track by talking about one simple, universal little joy every single day — like snow days, bakery air, or popping bubble wrap.

He began counting backward from 1,000.  As of this posting, he’s at #490, which happens to be “Driving around with the windows down on late summer nights.”  I say “amen” to that.  Actually I say “amen” to almost everything on his list, and, at this point, that’s over 500 simple, everyday things.  That’s a heck of a lot of things to get happy about.

And there are another 489 to come.  “Amen” to that too.


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