Lower East Side #2 – The Sweet Life

August 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

The Sweet Life

On my morning walk, I have a habit of coming across places that are not yet open.   That tends to happen at 7:30 in the morning.  I always think, I have to remember to come back here later in the day, or on the weekend, or at any time when the restaurant or shop is likely to be open.  And this weekend I actually managed to do just that, when I was in need of some cookies, ideally covered in some form of chocolate, to accompany the passion fruit and mango sorbets I was bringing to a dinner party for dessert.  I was roaming around on Saturday and realized I was just a block or two away from The Sweet Life on Hester Street.  And, yes, they might have exactly what I was looking for.  And, yes, they did.

This spot is a Lower East Side institution.  Located at the corner of Hester and Ludlow streets for almost 30 years, “The Sweet Life NY is a candy and gourmet chocolate  family owned retail shop.”  They “continuously search the world so that we can bring you the highest quality, most delicious dried fruit and nuts, gourmet chocolates, coffees, teas, and every candy imaginable.”

The Sweet Life Candy Jars

The Sweet Life does not exaggerate.   When I arrived, the smell of chocolate greeted me at the door.  I slowly made my way around the shop, taking in the bins of nuts and mixed dried fruit, and every candy imaginable – Jelly Bellys, lolly pops, licorice – and chocolate-covered everything.  Whether you’re in need of a fix for your sweet-tooth or your best friend’s, it’s worth the trip.  If you visit on the weekend, you can stop by the Hester Street Fair, just a block away.

But back to The Sweet Life.  How can you not love a shop whose motto is, “anything can be dipped in chocolate”?

My sentiment exactly.


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