For Friday: Three Movies You May Have Missed

May 10, 2013 § 1 Comment

It’s movies this week.  In particular, comedies.  Even more specifically, smart comedies.  Those you very well may have missed, because they’re small and smart.  One British, two American.

Each is mixed with just a touch of pathos.  Humor needs a backstory, needs some drama against which it can play.  It’s what makes the best comedies work.  If you’re looking for a good laugh this weekend, check out one or all of them.  I’ve linked to Rotten Tomatoes (online rental information included).  Get those kernels popped and enjoy.

First up, “The Trip” – Two friends make their way through the English countryside – eating, drinking, and driving – when one is hired to review restaurants for major British paper and invites the other along for company.  Watch it for the “imitation” scene, if nothing else.

The Trip

Second, “Win Win” – “A beleaguered attorney and part-time wrestling coach who schemes to keep his practice from going under by acting as the legal caretaker of an elderly client.”  Paul Giamatti at his humorous best.  Bobby Cannavale, amazing.

Win Win

Third, “The Savages” (not to be confused with Oliver Stone’s “Savages”, an entirely different film and not nearly as funny) – Adult siblings are forced together when it comes time to care for their ailing father.  Scathingly funny.

The Savages


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  • ileneonwords says:

    I did see both “Savages” and “Win, Win” and enjoyed them both. I love Laura LInney, Philip Seymour Hoffmann, Paul Giamatti and Bobby Cannavale. I first loved Cannavale in “The Station Master.” I’ll be on the lookout for the trip on cable. Thanks!

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