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goods for good

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win-win, part two.  goods for good.  melissa kushner.  raging fan.

And I have been a raging fan for awhile.  I was first introduced to goods for good (GFG) while working with a New York-based fashion technology startup, Afingo.  The “introducer” was our PR consultancy, LLR Consulting, known for  connecting for-profit and not-for-profit businesses in a way that is organic and beneficial for both parties.  It was.

Back then I was blown away by goods for good’s business concept: take excess fabric from the production of apparel and home goods, use it to supply the raw materials for tailors-in-training (the GFG program in Malawi), who produce schools uniforms for orphans and vulnerable children who would otherwise not be able to afford them and, thus, not receive an eduction, and distribute the goods through local community centers.  I lost track of the wins.

Reduce waste going to landfills.  Provide skills training and a means of making a living for young adults who lack an education and have no other means of earning money.  Give school uniforms to children who need them.  Partner with on-the-ground, local organizations.

Founded in 2006, goods for good has distributed 23,000 school uniforms and garments through the African community centers.  And building on the original concept, they have also delivered 1.4 millions pens (a child needs something with which to write) and 116,200 shoes (a child needs shoes to protect her feet from cuts, infections and diseases on her walk to school).

Today, Melissa has taken the concept (at least) two steps further, “economically empowering communities to transform orphan care:”

Now GFG is making those same community centers financially sustainable, by launching small on-site businesses that generate income and fund orphan care programs for education, health, and nutrition.  These businesses, which include chicken farms, agriculture enterprises, and tailoring co-ops, create jobs, stimulate the local economy, and ensure Malawi’s children have every opportunity to thrive.

goods for good is now delivering the ultimate win — giving people the skills and means to help themselves.

Ask yourself, what’s your ultimate win?  You may be surprised by the answer.


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