Building a Business Case – One Bottle of Wine at a Time

June 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

Wine Cork

Image Source: Flickr, Derek Gavey

I love wine (red, white, rose, sparkling – love them all).  I love interesting people doing cool things and changing the status quo.  I love well-thought-out plans.  I love London.  I love New York.

So there was lots of love going around when I came across Courtney Boyd Myers on Twitter (@CBM).  I don’t remember exactly how I discovered her – I imagine someone I follow had retweeted one of her pithy, punchy 140-character comments.

At the time of my discovery, Myers was wrapping up the Product Management course at General Assembly’s London outpost and making her way back to New York, where I met her at the launch party for her new initiative, (she’s co-founder). “One part hunter, two parts gatherer, is a transatlantic company designed to help New York and London based technology startups grow internationally.”  She’s also co-founder of “3460 Miles,” a blog and newsletter serving the tech, design and social good communities working in, and commuting between, London and New York (in case you missed the reference, 3460 miles is the the distance between the two cities).

Prior to that introduction at the launch party, I happened upon an @CBM tweet celebrating her completion of the General Assembly course.  The tweet included a link to the Slideshare presentation of her final project, which she co-authored with Yoav Farbey and Nicolle Weeks.  Their business case?  Wine.Me – a London-based wine service, offering timely delivery of quality wines to customers’ doorsteps at a reasonable price.

For anyone developing (or looking to develop) a web-based services business, here is your chance to learn from those who have learned from some of the best. Get inspired to create your business and product plan, and the elements that go into them: market analysis, key metrics, user personas, the product roadmap, minimum viable product, storyboarding, feature prioritization … and your business case.  Drink up!


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