For Friday: Five Entertaining Bits You May Have Missed

July 26, 2013 § 1 Comment

Eating breakfast every day.

Image Source: via Fast Co.Exist

It’s potluck this week.  In particular, five (actually, six) stories that caught my attention.  More specifically, stories on topics that The Epicurean loves to cover, including food, photos, music and television.  Enjoy.

First up, something near and dear to my heart – food – specifically, breakfast. Morgan Clendaniel, editor of Fast Company’s Co.Exist channel, published an attention-getting piece, “People Who Eat Breakfast Are Smarter And Skinnier,” laying out the rationale, with a colorful infographic to accompany it.

Eat Breakfast 2

Second, the one-minute ad for Google’s just-announced Chromecast video streaming device.  Priced at $35 (plus tax), it’s a game-changer when it comes to entertainment.  How hot is the Chromecast dongle?  Well, when it launched Google was throwing in three months of free Netflix service, but that offer was removed after all of 24 hours, due to demand.  The ad, Chromecast: For Bigger Fun, shows off the device’s many uses and the fun to be had, all to music from the movie “Zorba the Greek,” which as you know, starts slowly and picks up speed, until it ends in a frenzied whirl.  Creating excitement?  You bet.  Sign me up.

Third, one of Buzzfeed’s always entertaining and often insightful lists.  In this case “24 Ways We Should All Be More Like Scandinavians: They have so much to teach us,” prepared by @TabathaLeggett, which includes common sense suggestions such as: 6. We really should stop giggling about nudity;  11. We should stop working so hard; 12. And sort out our schools; and 22. Let’s get inventive with our jams.

Buzzfeed - Scandinavia better schools

Fourth, music, specifically,, the self-proclaimed “best way to find and share new music.”  I consider it streaming on steroids, 25 millions songs!  Netted by the Webbys reports, “Now Exfm is really, really smart. It taps into your favorite sites where music is being shared freely and legally – think Youtube, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp – and organizes all the music into one huge, free library with playlists, favorites, trending albums, and more.”  I love listening to what’s trending overall, but you can select genre –  blues, jazz, indie, classical, rock, and more – and combine with your own collection.  There’s even an iPhone app.  Trust me.  Try it.  You’ll like it.


Fifth, a blog I discovered via Twitter, “Highlighted Life,” by New Yorker @JamesNord.  Why this particular site?  Well, it’s a Tumblelog and, thus, highly visual.  And James Nord happens to capture pretty much all of the people, places and things that The Epicurean loves: Florence, the Tuscan countryside, London, Scotland, New York Paris, really good food (see below), nature at its best.  Need I go on?

James Nord Highlighted Life: Pizzas made in a wood fire oven

Image Source: James Nord “Highlighted LIfe”

And, a bonus for this fabulous Friday.  In case you missed it, on Thursday, there was possibly the best Today Show  (formerly Friday) “Ambush Makeovers” and fan reaction, ever.  The KLG and Hoda makeover team of Louis Licari and Jill Martin outdid themselves.  Fan Denise Williams did not recognize herself.  Check out the before-and-after here.

Today Show, KLG & Hoda Ambush Makeover, Denise Williams

Image Source: Today Show, KLG & Hoda


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